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Sifu Ed


Sifu Ed Rickord was enlisted in the US Marine Corps for four years and moved to Hawaii when he was stationed at Kaneohe Bay.  As a US Marine, Sifu Ed learned much about combat training (armed and unarmed) as well as body conditioning.

Sifu Ed has two years of Wrestling experience and one year of Boxing experience.

Sifu Ed learned about Sera's Kajukenbo classes when he and his wife were looking to find a martial art class for the family to join. He has since experienced the pleasure of participating as a student and now as an instructor while watching his son Aidan grow and learn the art of Kajukenbo himself.

In September 2012, Sifu Ed, Sifu Kristin, and Sifu Dominic reopened the school under the new name "Maui Kajukenbo."
Sifu Ed currently teaches both the Kids and Adult classes

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