Maui Kajukenbo strives to enrich the Maui community by building positive citizens through discipline, self-esteem, confidence, and ethics gained through the martial arts.  We believe in the development of important life-skills that will help our students excel in all aspects of their lives.

CHILDREN develop character and values to excel in school and other sports and practice respect for parents, teachers, and peers.

TEENS develop self-confidence and self-esteem preparing them to make positive choices when confronted with important life-changing decisions.

ADULTS are provided with opportunities to test their physical and mental boundaries, as well as get in shape, have fun, and know with confidence that they can defend themselves and their loved ones.

FAMILIES are given the opportunity to enjoy and strengthen positive values as well as build on their trusting relationships with each other.

Class Schedule



5:30-6:30 Kids Class

6:30-8:00 Adults



5:30-6:30 Kids Class

6:30-8:00 Adults


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