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Sigung Trent Sera

Most Outstanding Student Award

In recognition of exemplary character, ability, and leadership

and all the qualities that embody the "Black Belt Attitude" 

Sigung Trent Sera, 6th degree black belt, founded Sera's Kajukenbo in 1999 and remained active as the chief instructor until his passing in 2012.  In his 13 years of teaching the art of Kajukenbo, he has touched hundreds of lives and promoted numerous students to the level of black belt.

The Sigung Trent Sera Most Outstanding Student Award is awarded annually to one student that displays discipline, dedication, leadership, outstanding ability, humility, and all of the qualities that Sigung Trent strived to instill in his students

Previous Recipients
Kallyn Zaner - 2012
Kyara Tumacder - 2013
Isaiah Gomes - 2014
Kallyn Zaner - 2015
Kyle Macadangdang - 2015
Peyton Cagasan - 2016
​Teija Bolor - 2017
Auli'i Naiwi-Valentino - 2017
Jacob Lomboy - 2018

Keona Basa-Holokai - 2019

Zaeden Kee Chong - 2021

Cade Cagasan - 2022

Kalla Pelletieri - 2022

Isaiah Stupplebeen - 2022

Orion Casallo - 2023

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