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Pinian 11


  1. Set position

  2. Salutation

  3. Upright position

  4. Salute

  5. Cover

  6. Upright position

  7. Head motion Left, then Right

  8. Left fist, right open hand cross in front of chest

  9. Right open hand draw to 3:00, left crossover stomp to ground

  10. Right outward crescent kick, step out to horse stance

  11. High left elbow to right open hand 1:30

  12. Right side cover looking left

  13. Left downward block to 9:00 looking right

  14. Left side cover looking left

  15. Right crossover stomp, step out to horse stance

  16. Right outward block, left downward punch to groin

  17. Shift to broken horse stance facing 9:00, left upward block, right downward punch

  18. Shift to horse stance, left twisting downward backfist placing left elbow on top right backfist

  19. Left check inside right knee, step to 9:00 side hammer to 10:30

  20. Right check inside left knee, step to 3:00 inverted side hammer to 1:30

  21. Right side cover

  22. Double forward punch to 10:30

  23. Left hand circle to open hand

  24. High right elbow to left open hand 10:30

  25. Left side cover looking right

  26. Right downward block to 3:00 looking left

  27. Right side cover looking right

  28. Left crossover stomp, step out to horse stance

  29. Left outward block, right downward punch to groin

  30. Shift to broken horse stance facing 3:00, right upward block, left downward punch

  31. Shift to horse stance, right twisting downward backfist placing right elbow on top left backfist

  32. Right check inside leftt knee, step to 3:00 side hammer to 1:30

  33. Left check inside right knee, step to 9:00 inverted side hammer to 10:30

  34. Left side cover

  35. Double dragon punch left over right to 1:30

  36. Left open hand touches right fist above head as right foot slides to left to upright position

  37. Upright position

  38. Salute

  39. Set position

Salutation:     Sir, I’m from the Kajukenbo system.
                        My Sijo is Adriano D. Emperado.
                        My Sifu is Kristin Kawahara
                        I will do Pinian #11.
                        Sir, may I begin.

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