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Pinian 2


  1. Set position

  2. Salutation

  3. Upright position

  4. Salute

  5. Cover

  6. Double punch to ground, break, and double back fist

  7. Slide left to right, step to 7:30 facing 10:30 and right punch to ground

  8. Slide right to left, turn backward and step to 6:00 into horse stance facing 3:00 and right side cover

  9. Look left and slide left into cat stance

  10. Left outward open block, right four-finger poke to the eyes, and left front snap kick

  11. Crossover step and right side cover

  12. Look left to 12;00 and right hammer to groin, left back elbow, and right front snap kick simultaneously, then pivot facing 9:00, cross arms, step w/right to 12:00 and right chop to neck

  13. Slide left to right, step to 9:00, drop right knee close to ground and right ridge hand to groin

  14. Step w/right into horse stance and right forward elbow smash to face

  15. Slide left to right, step to 12;00 into forward stance and left horizontal punch

  16. Slide right to left, step forward into forward stance and right horizontal punch

  17. Slide right back to left, step to 3:00 into horse stance and front cover

  18. Upright position

  19. Salute

  20. Set position

Revised 9/19
Salutation:     Judges, I’m from the Kajukenbo system.
                        My Sijo is Adriano D. Emperado.
                        My Sifu is Kristin Kawahara
                        I will do Pinian #2.
                        Judges, may I begin.

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