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Pinian 3


  1. Set position

  2. Salutation

  3. Upright position

  4. Double downward punch, bring fists back to chest level, and double backfist

  5. Look to right and right outward block and left fist under right elbow

  6. Double strike to face and ribs

  7. Look to 9:00, slide right foot to left foot and then back into left forward stance and left downward block

  8. Right front kick to groin, right hammer to groin, step down w/right and right knifehand then right side cover facing 6:00

  9. Look left, cross over step into left side cover

  10. Look right, step w/left to 9:00 into forward stance and left horizontal punch

  11. Step forward w/right into horse stance and right forward elbow smash

  12. Shooting star pose to 3:00 (Right back elbow, left downward block to waist level, and raise left foot to knee level

  13. Step forward w/left and drop right knee close to ground and left upward block (closed fist) and right vertical punch to groin

  14. Step forward w/right and turn counter clockwise into horse stance w/left hand open and right fist at side looking to 9:00

  15. Step w/left to 6:00 and drop right knee close to ground and right ridehand to groin

  16. Step to 9:00 w/right into horse stance and right elbow smash

  17. Step w/left to 9:00 and front cover to 12:00

  18. Upright position

  19. Salute

  20. Set position

Revised 9/19
Salutation:     Judges, I’m from the Kajukenbo system.
                        My Sijo is Adriano D. Emperado.
                        My Sifu is Kristin Kawahara
                        I will do Pinian #3.
                        Judges, may I begin.

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