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Rules and Regulations

Uniform and Belt Rules

1. No shoes allowed during training unless given permission by the instructors.

2. When not wearing your belt, it should be neatly tucked under your left arm.  Never play with your belt or let it drag on the floor.

3. Always tuck in your red training shirt.

4. Gi jacket should be worn with the left lapel over the right lapel.  The tag at the bottom of the jacket should be on the outside.


5. No Jewelry allowed.  Piercings should be removed during training to prevent injury.  If you have a new piercing or are unable to remove it, you must let the instructor know and cover the piercing with a band-aid.

6.  Do not wash your belt.  Your belt is a symbol of the hard work you've put into training.  washing your belt symbolizes washing away the knowledge you've gained.

Daily Procedures 

1. Before entering or exiting the school, students must place all items at their feet, come to attention, and salute to the front of the school.


2. Students will remove their shoes and place them neatly against the wall with both shoes touching each other and the toes touching the wall.


3. Neatly place your belongings against the wall and out of the walk way.

4. Approach each instructor and shake their hand using the "Kajukenbo Hand Shake" starting with the highest ranking instructor to the lowest.

5. Help with all set up responsibilities (sweep, put out mats, training ladders, open windows, etc).

6. All students are required to bring water to practice.  Students are not allowed to drink from the water fountain unless refilling their water bottles. 

Revised 9/19


School Rules


In order to maintain accurate records and the smooth operation of our school, let this be a reminder of our school’s policies.  The following is effective immediately.  With these policies in mind, your efforts will help to eliminate unnecessary phone calls and paperwork.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to see me.

1.MONTHLY DUES must be paid by the first week of each month.  Regardless of the number of days an individual trains, the monthly dues must be paid in full.
2.LEAVE OF ABSENCE (LOA) must be requested before the start of the new month, in order to waive that month’s dues.  
3.ABSENCES MUST BE CALLED IN PERSONALLY IF HE/SHE IS UNABLE TO ATTEND TRAINING CLASS (Sifu Kristin 276-6087, Sifu Dominic 383-2057, Sifu Kaleo 264-3492). 
4.UNIFORMS are required in order to participate in training.  If a student fails to bring a piece of uniform (jacket, pants, training t-shirt, belt, cup) to class, he/she will be given 20 stomach punches for each item that student fails to bring.


5. GROIN PROTECTION All boys are required to wear a cup at all times


6. JEWELRY Students must remove all jewelry, bracelets, and/or other items that may cause injury when training
7.QUITTING Any student/instructor wishing to leave the school must notify Sifu Kristin, Sifu Dominic, or Sifu Kaleo verbally or in writing.
8.PARTICIPATION IN OTHER MARTIAL ARTS ACTIVITIES – Any member who wishes to participate in activities such as training with other schools, tournaments, demonstrations, etc., must have prior approval from Sifu Kristin, Sifu Dominic, or Sifu Kaleo. 

Revised 9/23

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