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Sifu Dominic


Sifu Dominic was born and raised in the rough neighborhood of Kalihi where Kajukenbo was originally founded. Sifu Dominic started his martial arts journey by wrestling for Farrington High School for four years.  From wrestling, he learned take-downs and developed grappling techniques and concepts. In 2003, Sifu Dominic started studying Kajukenbo with Sigung Trent Sera on the island of Maui.

"While taking Kajukenbo, I learned so many things about myself, including my strengths and weaknesses, which I use in my everyday life. Kajukenbo is a good source of building character." "The true success is not in the fight, but when you can inspire and change a person's life through the martial arts." says Sifu Dominic.

Sifu Dominic attained his Black Belt in 2008 from Sigung Trent Sera and his 3rd degree in 2015 from Grand Master Clarence Luna.
In 2012, he began training in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Garcia.

In September 2012, Sifu Dominic, Sifu Kristin, and Sifu Ed reopened the school under the new name "Maui Kajukenbo."
Sifu Dominic currently teaches both the Kids and Adult classes 

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