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Sifu Kaleo


Sifu Kaleo Waia’u began training at Sera's Kajukenbo in 2010.  In his early years, he took Aikido classes on the Big Island.  In the late 70’s, while pursuing degree’s in social work in college he studied Wing Chun with Sifu Paul Walker.  Prior to entering Fuller Theological Seminary in California, he enrolled in a Kajukenbo school Vancouver, WA. 

Upon returning from California, Sifu Kaleo took full-time position in Christian ministry, raised a family.  It was not until he met Trent Sera teaching at Lahainaluna, some years later, at Trent’s prompting, that Sifu Kaleo considered renewing his martial arts interests.  

Sifu Kaleo continues his work as a Christian minister while also teaching students with disabilities at Maui High School.  Kaleo was promoted to Black Belt June 2015 under Sifu Kristin and currently teaches both the Kids and Adult classes.

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